Kinds of Exercises Most Trainers Will Make you Do to Build Muscles

Building muscles should be on your checklist if you are serious about your health. Most people have confused notions about building muscles and think that consuming loads of health drinks is the only way to stock up on brawn. Learn about what 6 week body transformation programme experts have to say about muscle building exercises. The following information is sure to help you along your way.

High volume and medium intensity is the key           

Trainers recommend going for high volume exercises i.e. Performing lots of sets and repetitions of a particular move in order to gain muscle quicker. They also recommend you take some good creatine. While volume is recommended too much of intensity is not. Training with extremely high eights which put a lot of pressure on your muscles make your body ache and are bad for your system.

Medium weights are better and healthier so trainers in body building programs encourage doing 12-15 lifts with about 60 seconds of break between each set. Lactic acid will accumulate near your muscle fibres and cause a burning sensation. This is your signal to understand that growth hormones are stimulated and muscle growth is about to follow.

Each set to the max

Testing your endurance is the key to every successful  transformation programme. You are encouraged to put in your best effort. The more number of sets you do the more encouragement your muscles will get for pumping up. Push yourself to the failure point i.e. the point beyond which you are dead sure you cannot do one more set. Word of caution though, it’s not recommended to do lifts if you have chronic back pain, shoulder pain or muscle injury.

Do the famous three

Fitness trainers who specialise in instructing participants for weight training exercises recommend some typical exercises for bulking up quickly and trying to build muscle fast with good creatine. The exercises are the dead lift, the squat and the bench press. These three moves complement each other and workout almost all the core muscles of the body. There should be even growth of muscles all over your body in order to give a pleasant appearance. The strength, bulk and conditioning of the body is sure to happen in one go if you do these exercises frequently enough.

What’s the correct exercise frequency?

Weight training and exercises to build muscle fast should not be done regularly unlike cardio and balance and coordination exercises. Not less than 3 sessions and not more than 5 per week is the ideal frequency of exercises in order to build muscle fast. Don’t try to train for a racing event as well as gain muscle both at once as both have completely different physiologies. If you are trying to gain muscle fast then only concentrate on weight lifts and pumping iron.

If you are a newbie to weight training then do not more than 2 sessions per week. Lean protein quantity should be increased in your diet in order to stimulate muscle growth.

What a Personal Trainer Offers that an Online Trainer Can’t

It is becoming more and more difficult to get to the gym every day as our schedules get busier. The main reason online training is gaining popularity is that it affords you the convenience of setting up your own fitness program at a time convenient to you, but it puts the onus of working out solely and completely on your shoulders. If you fail to exercise regularly, you will not lose weight nor will you achieve that hour glass figure or get those abs which you so badly wanted. This is where outdoor personal training Coogee can help.

Motivation and Encouragement

These are two things an online trainer can never provide. Your personal trainer will be at your doorstep day after day, goading, cajoling, and challenging you to stick to your routine and keep your goal in sight.

All an online trainer can really do is suggest workouts which suit you, but the onus of working out regularly everyday is on you. You have to motivate yourself, and the temptation to skip the routine is never far away. This is why Coogee personal training will work far better than an online trainer will.

Relax and De-stress

You may be able to set up the ideal work out routine for yourself with the help of an online trainer, but when you get down to it you are on your own.

You have to motivate yourself and work out all by your lonesome self. With a Rushcutters Bay group fitness program, you can de-stress by talking to your trainer while you workout.

Talking takes your mind away from the exercise and allows you to remain relaxed while you workout. Having another human being present in the room is in itself a great comfort. This is not possible with an online trainer.

Optimal Exercise

Although an online trainer may suggest several exercises for you, he cannot see you and hence may not be able to suggest the best work out for you. He does not see you while you exercise and hence cannot correct your posture.

A personal trainer on the other hand sees you personally and can better judge which exercises will work for you. He can guide and correct you as you workout.

Risk of hurting yourself

When you work out alone, you are likely to make mistakes which may result in your pulling a muscle or straining your back or calf. This risk is minimised with a personal trainer looking on while you exercise because he can correct you immediately and prevent mishaps. Working with a personal trainer is therefore much safer.

And then of course it is always better to interact with a real live human being rather than with a machine, no matter how much time you may save. Personal training is after all just that – personal. So Rushcutters Bay group fitness is definitely the better option when compared to online training.