The Art

Workout Ideas – Intense Group Training

Being late for work is never a good idea – you get called out for it, it shows a lack of respect, it definitely shows a lack of personal control, and it shows that you might have made better use of the time after you pulled yourself out of your pit…

Maybe you find you have worked all the way through the week just to spend the weekend on the sofa, watching the game or DVDs, or playing on a games machine, phoning up for home-delivered meals, or worse still, laying in all day in bed…
I don’t think anyone truly considers or aims to be the individual in any of these examples, and yet the simple art of staying on top of yourself – creating a healthier lifestyle, with a modicum of effort and exercise – can be frustrating to most.

Not here, as through your comments, shared stories, and some great examples of personal fitness from around the web, I think we can make a great change.

Feel free to send an email, or forward a link, and I’ll see that we share it for the betterment of everyone!