Artwork by New Zealand bands, posters, fliers, magazine adverts and any other printed medium, think of it as a historic cyber art gallery


About this website.

Welcome to, officially launched May 2009 (unofficially October 2008)

Before the age of internet, the printed medium occupied an even more exulted place when communicating a bands brand visually.

The gig poster, the magazine advert, the hand flier were the primary medium by which you found out about bands, gigs and records (or tapes) oh and the subsequent word of mouth, there were no chat rooms, no spam, texting or facebook to muddy the waters.

As a fan of Punk Goth Ska New Wave/No Wave and the Flying Nun phenomenon (I managed to avoid being a bloody hippy) in the 1980's and 1990', I always (geekily) collected posters, fliers and adverts out of magazines like Rip It Up (early era) BiFiM, Monitor, Garage, RAD, etc by New Zealand bands etc and put them inside the record sleeves.

Now in my 40's with an appropriately cynical outlook on modern life and the current music scene I decided to do something with my spare time (surprisingly going to gigs is less of a priority once you have children) and create a website to share these pieces of (almost) lost art for all to see, also there is an element of ego gratification as well.

So here is an ever increasing collection of my own (as I scan and add them, I still have several hundred items to work through!) and other posters etc that I have sourced, been sent or found on the internet, consider it a work in progress, forever incomplete and never claiming to be the authority.

If you'd like to send me one to place, excellent and I'll of course credit you. If you use one from here, please feel free too*, but put me in your links page or reference this site, I like visitors.

Thanks to;
Andrew Boak (ex No Tag, Infectious)
Mark Bailey
James Gilberd (ex Condemned Sector/Neoteric Tribesmen)
Mark Wallbank
Terence Hogan
Bill Direen (Builders, Bilders, Soluble Fish)
Peter Denniston (ex K4, Paradox)
Simon Yates
Buster Stiggs (ex Suburban Reptiles, The Swingers, The Models)
Simon Grigg (Genius!)
Rob Mayes (Failsafe Records)
Murray Cammick
Paul Gilbert

Mark Hector
Will Rodgers
Bob Sutton
William Daymond

and anybody I've missed for sending me posters and or helping/pointing me in the right direction.

Please let me know what you think, and yes some scans are imperfect, well was that what it was all about.

Oh yeah I update/add to the site once a month usually about 50-60 new items.

My favourite all time New Zealand bands live...Kiwi Animal, SPUD, The Gordons, Exploding Budgies, 7 Dials, The Henchmen, Skeptics, Fetus Productions, Double Happys and K4/Paradox

Bands I never saw but wish I had... The Enemy, The Pin Group, Childrens Hour (original lineup), Rebel Truce.
Features (original lineup) Nocturnal Projections, Beat Rythm Fashion, and Marching Girls

Simon Coffey
New Zealand

simon coffey

Copyright is owned by the person that designed them, these are only visual representation at low dpi, they are not of reprint quality and are not for sale. You can ask me to remove them, I might, but it'll have to be a bloody good reason to make me do so.

Copying of these items for personal use is way cool. However if you copy them for commercial use or to promote a commercial site or activity then that is way uncool and I will complain and shout a lot and perhaps undertake legal action if bothered enough to do so. This doesn't apply to the bands and/or band members or artwork designers.



27th April 2010


as you might have noticed, the site has been down for over a month, this was due to a virus that decimated my archives and original files.

I have been able to recover and remake most of the site, but also used the opportunity created to revamp the site to decrease capacity use and simplify the layout.

I think it look's a lot better, though I'm still fiddling here and there and moving things around and I'm still crediting items, so don't feel peeved if I've missed you, though If I don't sort it within a month, let me know.

My apologies to all whom I haven't replied to, busy doing uni-work recently, aswell as taking care of The Mountain Goats tour earlier this month.

48 new items and some new links.

Oh of course, don't forget NZ Music Month kicks off on May 1st, visit their site



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Recomendations; These are my current favourite NZ releases from the last year or so
Bad Buzz EP
The Mint Chicks
The Phoenix Foundation
Best of
Tex Morton
Hello, Goodbye, And Everything In Between EP
Lisa Crawley
Forest Fiction
Stroke (Chris Knox's Tribute Album)
Various Artists
Presents Xiong Mao
Bear Cat
All Grown Up
Jan Hellreigel
While The Wind’s At Your Back
Damien Binder
the fearsome feeling
Pie Warmer
Come Howling
The Family Cactus
The Seahorse Emporium
Ragamuffin Children
Bring Real Freedom (comp)
Beat Rhythm Fashion
The Jingle King (Paydirt)
The Speed of sound
Grand Prix
Luke Buda
The Homeward Stretch
Rosy Tin Teacaddy